Just Reader for Qtopia

Here you can find E-Books reader 'Just Reader' for Qtopia environment, like found on Sharp SL5500/5000. You can tell me about bugs and suggestions at 'Just Reader' forums

11/03/04. New version release, now with proper support for SL-C7x00/8x00 devices. All new fixes and changes are made by Anton Maslovsky who has joined the JustReader project. Big thanks!


Now JustReader is also available for X11 ROM for Sharp Zaurus C7x00/8x00 devices: justreader_2.0J_armv5tel.ipk.

Thanks to Sash Chukov for providing that package.
More info on X11 ROM is available here: http://www.pdaxrom.org

Download justreader_2.0k_arm.ipk.
Sources are available here: justreader_2.0k.tgz

27/10/03. A useful enhancement - while in scrolling mode 'Suspend', 'Light Off', and 'Dim' are disabled. Thanks to Anton Maslovsky. A small fix for 'Find'  dialogue, doesn't try to search for empty string. Download justreader_2.0j_arm.ipk.

10/09/03.  justreader_2.0i_arm.ipk. This version fixes bug which caused JustReader to crash when following links deep enough. Thanks to Michael Ivanov.

09/09/03. Here are the sources for justreader_2.0h and Makefile to build it with QT for x86.

22/08/03. Several small and not so small changes. 'Reparagraph' now works in html - useful for <pre> </pre> (like at lib.ru). Automatilc recognision of 'html.gz' files as html formatted. Option to show percents instead of pages in progress bar. justreader_2.0h_arm.ipk.
Btw I have compiled Just Reader for QT and it looks nice on my laptop. Well, menus and icons in QT version are not so nice:)

13/06/03. Changed slightly 'Progress bar' and fixed Dictionary settings to allow '.dic.dz' compressed dictionary files to be visible. justreader_2.0g_arm.ipk.

23/05/03. Settings dialog clean up : justreader_2.0f_arm.ipk.

15/05/03.  Fixed a bug with initialization (JustReader wouldn't start or crush if Built-in Dict checked but  path to the dictionary file is empty) . Hey, Kirill Limping, test it:) justreader_2.0e_arm.ipk.

02/05/03.  Hopefully fixed the issue with Big5(Chinese) encoding in Plucker documents - justreader_2.0d_arm.ipk. The sources are here - justreader2.0d.tar.gz

30/04/03.  Bug fixes - justreader_2.0c_arm.ipk.

28/04/03.  Bug fixes and small changes - justreader_2.0b_arm.ipk.

21/04/03.  Ok, now you can download a new version, justreader_2.0_arm.ipk, which is almost complete rewrite of previous version. Download it and see new features for yourself. I will post the sources a bit later.

14/04/03. Here are screenshots of upcoming 'JustReader 2'. 90% of code has been rewritten. HTML handling(even off-line browsing),  MobiPocket (unencrypted), bug fixes, easey to add new e-book formats.

s1     s2     s3

s4     s5     s6


snapshot7.png snapshot8.png

Unfortunatly at present I have little time to devote to this project. If anybody wants to join this project or to take over it, please feel free to e-mail me.

Small enhancements. You can now speed up or down scrolling pressing UP or DOWN. Search window doesn't close automatically. You can close this window pressing 'Close' button(next to 'OK' button) when you finished searching. justreader_1.6f_arm.ipk

Small pdb bug fix and a fix for the search button. justreader_1.6e_arm.ipk

Image support for Plucker format, 'Search word' option, lines overlap and bug fixes - justreader_1.6d_arm.ipk

Important update for Plucker format justreader_1.6c_arm.ipk. I don't know why but records in Plucker format files are not always in the same order as the text flow.  In this version I indroduced a new option which helps to overcome this(Reorder Plucker Text in Settings/Format).
Serious bug in previous version prevented users from paging up and down. Here is a fix. justreader_1.6b_arm.ipk 

Small update to the internal dictionary justreader_1.6a_arm.ipk. Someone pointed me out on www.zauruszone.com forum that I have to mention all the people/projects I borrowed some code from( they are all mentioned in sources as, I believe, required by GPL). Here it is:
    ZBedic: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/bedic
    zlib: Copyright 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
    utf8.cpp and utf8.h: The authors of this software are Rob Pike and Howard Trickey
    QT&Qtopia: www.trolltech.com
    makedoc9.cpp and makedoc9.h: Copyright Pat Beirne, 2000
    shcodec ;) copyright 1998-2002 Simakov Alexander

Probably some other stuff, but I cannot find it just yet.

New version justreader_1.6_arm.ipk. This version has internal dictionary. It uses dictionary files from zbedic. If you don't like it you can just use zbedic as external dictionary.
Many people asked for documantation. Anyone willing to contribute and write a help file(plain text)? If so, please send me the help file and I'll include it, along with compliments to the documentation author, in the next package.

Fixed bugs introduced in the last version. justreader_1.5a_arm.ipk

First version which supports Plucker internal links. justreader_1.5_arm.ipk

Major Plucker format update. justreader_1.4f_arm.ipk

Some major updates and bug fixes - justreader_1.4e_arm.ipk

Plucker update - justreader_1.4d_arm.ipk

Preliminary support for Plucker format - justreader_1.4c_arm.ipk.

Yet even more improvements in html handling: justreader_1.4b_arm.ipk.

justreader_1.4a_arm.ipk is out. It fixes a bug which caused segfaults on some .pdb and .prc files (like found on http://www.baen.com/library/.) Better html files handling.

justreader_1.4_arm.ipk is out. It has a number of improvements: proper CR character handling( CR without EOL), html tags stripping, FileDialog fixes, proper handling of 'Cancel' and 'Ok' buttons, progress bar can be switched off and others minor and major bug fixes. Special thanks to Anton Maslovsky for bug reports and suggestions, Pavel Kudrys - for sending me examples of texts. Maslovsky for bug reports and suggestions, Pavel Kudrys - for sending me examples of texts which were not handled properly and thanks to everyone for your help!

Here is a new version, justreader_1.3_arm.ipk, which supports plain text e-books in PalmDoc format files(.pdb .prc extensions). Many thanks to Tim Wentford, author of exelent QTReader program, for giving me advice and providing me with the code which deals with Palm Doc format.
BTW, because I almost don't recieve any feedback on the program I presume it has NO bugs and has all the features you can wish for:) Or simply nobody needs this program:)

New version is available. It should, presumably, support text encodings which are present on localized versions of Zaurus (asian encodings?). Grab it, justreader_1.2a_arm.ipk, give me your feedback. My UK version Zaurus(as well as Qtopia development platform on x86) reports as having only three QTextCodec codecs: ISO 8859-1, UTF-8, ISO-10646-UCS-2.

For those who asked. New version which supports scrollong(only in 0 and -90 rotation modes) justreader_1.2_arm.ipk. Scrolling is toggled with 'Ok' button.

Thanks Kybu for sending me these unicode fonts of 10,12 and 13 pts sizes. For your convenience I've made a package unifonts-small_1.0_arm.ipk.
Speed impovements and some fixes. justreader_1.1d_arm.ipk
New version ,which supports reading from gzipped text files , justreader_1.1b_arm.ipk.

New version, which supports reading from zipped text files, is available here justreader_1.1a_arm.ipk. You probably need to install zlib to be able to use this version.

It's avalable for download here. (If you prefer to be able to browse through the whole file system you can get this version)) It's distributed under GPL. Sorces are available through CVS here:)
It already has following features:
1. Supports Unicode(UTF8) and all major 8bit encodings.
2. Text justification.
3. Full screen mode('Space' switches full screen mode on and off).
4. Text screen rotation built-in (key 'R' rotates screen 90 degrees).
5. Virtual pages and 'progress bar' (you can click on on 'progress bar' to quickly navigate around a book).
7. Table of contents.
8. Text reformating for different text formats.
9. Other stuff...

Ooops, almost forgot! I will implement built-in dictionary in the future. As for now if you have zbedic installed you can click on a word and get its translation.

For now it reads only plain text files and text files compressed with zip or gzip. Other formats will follow soon...er or later:)
'Just Reader' can read following file formats:

You can use unifont for reading text in languages other than English but I strongly recommend for better results to use one of tahoma,verdana or arial fonts converted from ttf.

Screenshots are below.

Dmitri Skachkov.

snapshot1.png snapshot2.png

snapshot3.png snapshot4.png


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